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Updated: Sep 23, 2020

Being a society administrator, it is crucial that you maintain effective communication among your society staff and residents.

Old, outdated & bulky intercom systems get in the way of you achieving this.

If you want to communicate with your residents & staff using an intercom system, then it would cost a lot to do the wiring at every individual flats & offices.

Not to mention the recurring maintenance costs that accumulate to a fortune over time!

Therefore, In an attempt to help make your community vibrant, we present to you our next-gen wireless communicator device, called the VZTrack Communicator.

Which gives you a seamless communication experience without the need for any phone numbers, email ids, or any such contact information of your residents!

All the data collected is stored on a secure encrypted local server in your society, and not on our cloud servers.

We ensure to keep your privacy at the forefront. The security guards at the gate do not have access to any residents’ contact information; they can simply dial the residents’ Flat Number and get in touch with them easily.

The exciting part about this powerful device is that it comes at just 1/3rd of the cost of an old intercom system.

This is made possible as there is absolutely no wiring cost and neither any maintenance costs associated with the system.

Nor is there any cabling or special device required at the resident's flat.

Your residents can contact the gate through the VZTrack App or regular mobile phones/landlines (if no smartphone),

Which makes it very easy to use - especially for senior citizens.

Please visit our website to know more about the app and all the exciting features that you get!

VZTrack is cherished by over 450+ vibrant communities across Pune & Mumbai, come be one of them today!

Get in touch with us on +91 907 501 6367

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