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AI-Powered Automated Safety & Security Surveillance For Housing Societies

Reduce your dependance on manpower significantly with automated technology on your existing CCTV cameras,


And save a tremendous amount of money every year!

Security Guard

Raise Real-Time Alerts When:

People are grouping together violating social distancing norms.

People are not wearing masks.

Vehicles speeding beyond a prescribed speed limit within the society.

Suspicious people jumping over the perimeter or society walls for theft. 

Unlawful / Suspicious movement or assembly of people.

Sleeping security guards.


With VZTrack's AI software, your CCTV camera can also detect vehicles with a yellow number plate (taxis & cabs) and alert you if they haven't left the society premises within 30 minutes of entering the gate.


Make Your Housing Society Incredibly Safer with VZTrack today #meetSafe

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