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Host your Housing Society Meetings Online with
VZTrack #meetSafe

We'll manage and host your official Online Annual General Meetings (AGM) in compliance with laws by Maharashtra State & National Co-operative Housing Federation of India. Click on the button to schedule a FREE live demo today.

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Why Choose Us?

Dedicated Support

Our team will assist you offline at your society with all the help before, during, and after the meeting.

500+ Participants

We can easily help you schedule, manage, and host large society meetings for up to 3+ hours via Zoom. 

All Devices Supported

Your society members can join from any device such as mobile, tablet, laptop, TV, projector, etc. 

High Security

Invite & share access only to your society members. Discuss sensitive society matters in a safe, secure, and private online room.

Official Voting & Polls

We help you conduct Interactive Q&A Sessions along with best software for society voting and creating official polls.  

Full Recordings

We will also share with you the entire recording of your meeting to store for legal & official purposes.

Schedule FREE Live Demo Session at Your Housing Society Today


Ramya Nagari No.1
Shivsagar City Phase 1
Pebbles CHS

Maharashtra Government Now Makes Online AGMs Compulsory

As per the state government of Maharashtra, co-operative housing societies (CHS) with over 50+ members must hold AGMs through video conferencing or other audio-visual means before 31st December 2021 in the wake of COVID-19.

Those societies with less than 50 members can hold offline society AGM meetings, but by strictly adhering to COVID-19 rules & regulations.

We're Approved by Pune District Co-Operative Housing Federation

pune district co-operative housing federation certificate of approval for vztrack online agm meetings
  • How many society members / flat owners can join the meeting?
    We can easily manage 500 members in the meeting. Including the host, chairman, treasurer, committee members, and society members.
  • Will you provide offline support at our society?
    Yes, of course. One of our team member will assist you from your society along with the chairman. We will schedule the meeting, send you a list of people who registered, host the meeting at your society office, conduct voting polls, and share the results along with all other meeting details such as video recordings, chat transcripts, etc.
  • Can you conduct voting polls on certain issues?
    Yes we can conduct voting polls during the meeting and we can also share the results with you instantly.
  • What if our society members don't know to use the software?
    Don't worry, it's quite easy. We will show you how to use the software during an offline demo session at your society. Our team members will help you throughout the way - before, during, and after the meeting.
  • How secure is the online annual general meeting?
    We can assure you that your meeting would be confidential and private only to you. We conduct meetings over an encrypted platform, along with unique passwords and links that only your members would receive. There is also a registration process we could enable so that you know exactly which people are in the meeting.

Schedule FREE Live Demo Session at Your Housing Society Today

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