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Discover Features that make your Housing Society a Vibrant Community!

Service Providers Listing


Discover Local Service Providers With Details & Reviews Based On Their Past Services Around You.



In case of any Emergency, Press The Red Colored Emergency SOS Button To Raise an Alarm on the Devices at the Security Gates.

Communication Platform


Text or Place Audio & Video Calls to Any Fellow Residents And Groups Within The Society.



Now Broadcast Notices & Messages to All Residents / Staff or Individuals in a Single Click.

Staff Attendance


Have a Detailed Attendance Record for Your Society Staff.

Complaint Register


Gain Access to a Digital Complaint Register For Residents to Inquire and Quickly Resolve their Society Related Issues

Comprehensive Reports


Get Detailed Comprehensive Reports of all the Information Gathered by the System

Invite Guests


Invite Your Guests Through The App for Ease Of Entry at the Society Gates 

Important Contacts


Gain Access to Important Phone Numbers Such As Your Gate Security, Ambulance, Fire-Dept, etc. At a Glance

Real-Time Voting Platform


The Society Admins Can Create Society Voting Polls To Take A Vote On Current Issues. Residents Can Vote, See The Distribution Pattern And Voting Percentage And Vote Anonymously.

Know Your Maids


You Can Now Check The Details Of The Maids/Cooks Working In The Society And Also Get Real-Time Information On Who Is Within The Society At Any Given Point Of Time.

Notices & Messages


You Can Get Individual, Group, And Broadcast Messages Sent By The Society Committee Directly To Your Device. Also All The Notices & Minutes Can Be Accessed From The Archive.

Share A Ride With Your Neighbours


Introducing VZTrack's Carpool Feature! Now Reduce Your Carbon Footprint By Sending Out A Notification To Your Fellow Residents Saying That You're Looking For Or Offering A Ride And Get In Touch With People Taking The Same Route.

Advertise Your Items / Services


Post an Ad on the App and Connect with people within your Housing Society Interested in your Products & Services

Video Gate Phone (VGP) Device For Security Guards

Social network concept

Make your security guards more reliable with the VGP device. They can now make entries, Scan QR codes, place Audio/Video calls to society admins & residents without the need of their phone numbers and so much more!

Accounting Platform

The Society Admins Can Create, Manage & Send Invoices to the Residents regarding any society related expenses. We also have integration with Tally for a seamless user experience. Along with a complete Accounting Platform we also provide you with a Secure Payment Gateway.

Video Gate Phone 

Home Electronics

You will be provided with a device (VGP) for your Security Guards to make Audio / Video calls to the residents without the use of their mobile numbers! Thus, giving you a complete wireless intercom experience without the intercom and with the benefit of Video Calls!

No Maintenance Cost

Calculate Savings

Say Goodbye to the maintenance costs of the old & outdated intercom systems. No more wires and no more maintenance! Welcome the future of your Housing Society System. What's more, is that we also provide you with a Lifetime Software And Hardware Warranty. 

Introducing the Security Guard Patrolling & Rainbow Feature!

Place QR codes in areas around your society, and while the guard is patrolling, he can simply scan the QR code with the Free 4G Device that we provide. The data such as the time, location, date, and name of the guard who scanned the code is saved and stored in the VZTrack Admin Panel for you to View and Print.

If the guard encounters any problem while patrolling, he can use the Free 4G Device to place audio, video, and voice calls to contact the gate or any particular resident if needed, with the help of the Rainbow Feature

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