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COVID-19 Gate Surveillance For Housing Societies

Get notified of your visitor's body temperature & know whether they are wearing a mask or not!


During the entry, your security guards can now check for the visitor's body temperature & whether they are wearing a mask or not, and enter those details in VZTrack's VGP Device.


Using Artificial Intelligence technology we can integrate your existing society’s gate camera with VZTrack’s software to:

  • Automatically detect the body temperature* & mask at the time of entry.

  • Detect & Alert when there is crowding at the gate.

*an additional thermal camera is required to automatically detect body temperature at the gate.

Make Your Housing Society Incredibly Safer with VZTrack today #meetSafe (70).jpg

Discover High Tech AI-Powered CCTV Surveillance For Your Housing Society

Reduce Your Dependence On Security Guards with Automation & Cut Tremendous Costs On Manpower Every Year!

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