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Approve or Deny and Talk to your Visitors at the gate with VZTrack's Visitor Management System

Updated: Dec 15, 2019


We are sure you must be enjoying all of the exciting features that we have made for your society.

Our latest addition to the huge list includes the Approval & Deny feature.

You can now Approve or Deny your visitors access to your society right at the gate itself!

But that’s not all; we have managed to blend this feature into our entire product’s ecosystem. 

With the help of our next-gen wireless intercom system, visitor solutions, and the myriad features that we provide, your society will feel like a cut above the rest!

Read along to know how our product ecosystem can make your tedious society administration work feel like a walk in the park! 

The Approval or Deny feature has a few basic requirements, it requires you to have the VZTrack App installed on your device (to get notifications), as well as an active internet connection on your device.

In case you do not have an Internet connection, or you haven’t installed the app, or you are away from your mobile device,

Then the guard can simply dial the flat numbers of the residents with the help of the wireless intercom (communicator) device,


And place a phone call on the alternate landline number or mobile number that your residents have provided to the society, 

The guard can then ask the resident whether or not to grant the visitor access to the society. 

Note: The guards do not have access to the phone numbers of the residents; they simply have to dial the flat numbers of the residents with the help of the wireless intercom. 

You can also talk to the visitor at the gate itself with the help of the communicator device.

The residents can give multiple numbers to the society, and they can also prioritize the numbers, 

The communicator device will automatically call on the first preferred mobile number,

If they still do not answer the call, then the communicator device will call on the second preferred number, and so on.

There is absolutely no wiring required at the residents' place, 

And the phone call will be received on the numbers that they have provided, so there is no special device needed at their home either.

You can gain access to the communicator device’s administration through the VZTrack’s Admin Portal on the website.

And by the way, this is just one of the myriad features that you get with the VZTrack App.

You can Also place Audio & Video calls and Text messages to anyone in your society if needed, also without any contact information through the Rainbow Feature.

And also send Invoices to them with our Accounting Feature, which also includes a secured payment gateway for quick payments as well.

Experience the plethora of features offered by VZTrack’s visitor management system and make your housing society a Vibrant Community today!

VZTrack's visitor management software is cherished by more than 450+ Housing Societies And 50,000 Families across Pune & Mumbai!

To know more.. please visit our website or click on the button below:

Or call on +91 907 501 6367

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