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Why your data privacy matters in 2020

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

Each passing year, a huge proportion of people all the way from the most remote part of our country are now getting familiar with the internet and as a result, there is a massive digital footprint being left by these users online. 

The number of Internet users in the year 2019 in India is at 627 million and it is expected to reach 700 million by the year 2025.

And those numbers have now been sky rocketing due to the COVID-19 pandemic. What we were expecting to reach by 2025 looks like a number we will reach by the end of 2020.

So what exactly is your personal data?

“Personal data” is a term used to identify a person on the internet.

The most well-known of them are; Phone Numbers, Email IDs, Credit Card Information, Birth date, Government issued ID cards such as Adhaar Card, PAN cards, etc.

In fact the activities you do online and the things you like on social media can also be considered as a part of your personal data.

Believe it or not, your personal data is the most sought after commodity for businesses & companies who are trying to sell you something or to influence your decision in some way.

As you can imagine, your information in the wrong hands can prove to be disastrous. 

Since businesses have monetized your data for millions of dollars, privacy for your personal data should be a major concern for you in 2020.

Giant companies & organizations are notoriously famous for leaking your personal data and whether this is done intentionally or not, there is without a doubt a huge impact on your lives and in our community when a data leak of a massive proportion occurs. 

So much so that it has the power to influence political decisions like in the case of Facebook’s infamous Cambridge Analytica scandal. 

Or be it in the case of Uber, Marriott Hotels, Google, Yahoo, MySpace and even the Government of India itself; with hundreds of reports of hackers allegedly leaking the Adhaar Card details of the citizens.

And these are just the reported cases where the data of hundreds of millions of people have been leaked, companies try their best to hide such data leaks to avoid the public outcry. 

In fact, in the October of 2016 hackers had stolen approximately 57 million drivers & users personal details from Uber Technologies Inc. and what’s even more shocking is that the company managed to conceal this from the public for over a year by bribing the hackers for more than a hundred thousand dollars.

Why should you bother about your data privacy?

Nowadays almost every transaction you do (be it online or offline) involves providing some sort of personal data. 

If that data is hacked or leaked then the offender can easily steal your identity and misuse it online.

Sketchy advertisers are notorious in spamming you with unwanted messages which in some cases might also be some kind of a scam which they are trying to trick you into.

Yes, laws regarding data privacy & protection are in place in India, but so far the laws in and of itself aren’t enough to protect something which exists in the digital medium.

It’s no use because even the government itself are victims of the new-age crimes committed by the hackers. 

While keeping in mind these above security threats that we face today, we thought to ourselves what can be the best way to ensure the utmost privacy of your data? And the answer to that is to not have any of it in the first place! 

We do not need any of your resident's phone numbers or email-ids. 

All of the text, voice, and video calls are done with the use of your flat numbers and the owner’s name. 

So you can easily communicate with your neighbors or with the security guards at the gate whenever necessary without the need of your phone numbers.

So as you can tell, we take Data Security very seriously.

A 256-bit encryption domain validated (DV) SSL certificate is used to secure your data when sent/received from the device to the server and from your browser (while accessing the web site for admin application) to the server. 

We also use SSL for the VZTrack Security App, VZTrack User’s App, and the society admin’s web application.

Experience the plethora of features offered by VZTrack’s App and make your housing society a Vibrant Community today!

VZTrack is cherished by more than 350 Housing Societies And 50,000 Families across Pune & Mumbai!

To know more.. please visit our website OR call on +91 907 501 6367

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