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Now Get Hassle-Free Doorstep Maintenance For Your Two-Wheelers

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

VZTrack Garageworks Vehicle Servicing
Garageworks Vehicle Servicing

These days if you live in a housing society chances are that you have definitely seen vehicles that nobody uses, which have not been working most likely for the past decade but they are still just lying there catching dust and occupying precious parking space which your society desperately needs.

It could be so that the vehicle might belong to you, and you do not want to get rid of it because of your personal reasons, because we all have that one special vehicle which reminds us of the old times.. Which just by looking at it we are reconciled with the nostalgia and the memories of the days that are now long ago.

You would love to get it repaired but you can’t invest the time and effort to take it to a service centre.. And you might even think of selling it but you think to yourself that where would you really find a buyer for it?

We have therefore partnered with GarageWorks, Pune’s largest two-wheeler service provider, to give you hassle-free doorstep maintenance services.

Whether it is;

Your new vehicle which you don’t have time to get it serviced.

Or any mechanical junk lying around in your society.

Or even your old vehicle which has been not working since a very long time.

We will provide doorstep maintenance for you along with an option to sell your unused vehicle.

You can now book your hassle-free doorstep maintenance service right from VZTrack’s App and get exciting offers along with it. 

Just open the app and find the “vehicle-servicing” option from the menu and book your servicing appointment today!

This is just one of the myriad of features offered by VZTrack’s App Including Visitor Management And a Smooth Communication System For Housing Societies.

Which is cherished by more than 350 Housing Societies And 35,000 Families across Pune & Mumbai!

You only need to provide the details such as the Flat Number & the Owner’s Name to get started!

To know more.. please visit our website

Or call on +91 907 501 6367

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