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Ready to revolutionise your housing society?

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

We had envisioned a future for your housing society.

A future where you could experience seamless communication with your society admins, security guards, visitors, residents, neighbours, maids, and your society staff - all without sharing your contact information with each other!

And this was not possible with the outdated intercom systems that housing societies generally use -

Due to the hassle of wiring each flat and office, having a separate intercom device everywhere, with recurring maintenance charges and the frequent hardware problems accompanying it.

But now, with the help of our next-gen wireless communicator device and the VZTrack App this future that we had envisioned has turned into a reality.

Which has revolutionised not only the way in which your society communicates, but also how it operates - making it as vibrant as it could possibly be.

And since then, managing your housing societies has never been this easy!

Now that we have accomplished this milestone of seamless connectivity within your society, it is now time for a Giant Leap towards the future!

Seamless communication within your society is great. But let’s take that to the next level.

Because co-operative housing societies are not an island onto themselves.

There are a lot of other organisations and service providers that your housing society is heavily dependent upon;

Such as your local stores, grocery shops, medical shops, even some wholesale farmers who sell fruits, vegetables, and dairy products - to name a few.

But that’s not all. What about your local hair & beauty salons? Nearby schools where the majority of your residents send their children? Your local banks? And even your local corporator, MLA or an elected representative?

Housing societies are heavily dependent on their local institutions and organisations that provide your society with essential services.

So why not bridge the gap that exists between you?

Without even sharing any personal info & contact info such as your phone number or email-ids with them!

Now get ready to experience the pinnacle of next-gen communications for your housing society.

Stay tuned for more!

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