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How To Properly Sanitize Your Vehicles During This Pandemic

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

The lockdown has been in place for quite a while now, since 22nd March to be precise. We have spent the entire month of April in our homes. But now we are finally seeing some semblance of a relief. Hopefully from 17th May onwards, we will be able to travel around - at least in the green zones.

But things have changed, and they won’t be the same anytime soon. Each one of us has to now practise social distancing when we step out of our home. Be prepared for those awkward stares in case you aren’t wearing a mask outside & if someone finds you coughing or sneezing in public.

Another new normal that we are going to have to live with for a long time is frequently washing our hands. Now, the problem is that washing hands in and of itself is not going to be very effective if you are going to touch the same contaminated surface again. It is crucial that we disinfect the frequently touched sources such as doorknobs, elevator buttons, the railing of the stairs, etc.

And of course, do not forget your vehicle. Now that the lockdown will be lifted gradually, it is inevitable that we would be travelling for work back to our offices, to get groceries (btw, here’s why you don’t have to step out of your home to get groceries) , and most important of all - to meet our loved ones whom we haven’t been with in a long time.

So now it becomes absolutely crucial, to properly sanitize our vehicles due to travelling. Especially when someone who has been in your car or a resident in your society is showing symptoms.

You must also ensure to sanitize your two-wheeler periodically even if you haven’t been travelling, in case any resident showing symptoms could unknowingly spread it in the parking and other frequently visited places and frequently touched surfaces. (Book 2 wheeler servicing & sanitisation services at your door-step now)

What should you use to sanitise your vehicle properly?

Try to get your hands on an alcohol solution (isopropyl alcohol) with at least 70% alcohol content, which you can easily find in your local medical store. Alcohol works best for the interior of your cars and the seats & handles of your two-wheelers. It is the best preferred cleaner which kills off most of the germs, bacterias and viruses on almost all of the interior surfaces of your vehicle. It is used by the majority of the auto industry today. If in case you cannot find it, then plain old soap and water should do the trick as well. But be careful and avoid using too much water, since it could end up creating a foul, musty smell in your car and even encourage mold growth in the fabric and cushions of your seats.

What should you never use?

Stay away from using any bleach or hydrogen peroxide on the interior of your car at all times. Sure, they can kill the COVID-19 virus, but they will cause a lot of damage to your car’s interior and upholstery. And never ever use any ammonia-based products or cleaners on the touch screens of your car, since it can cause a lot of damage to the screen.

How to clean your four-wheeler?

You should start with disinfecting the common areas that you are likely to touch all the time such as; the steering wheel, your vehicle’s shifter, the door handles, turn-signals and the wiper, the window buttons & control buttons, grab handles, door armrests, and the seat adjuster. Then, move on to the dashboard and to all of the seats.

Don’t forget the dome light switches (the lights on the interior) and the back seat. The nooks and crannies in the interior of your car can turn into hotspots for bacteria and viruses so make sure to clean them thoroughly.

Best 2-wheeler door-step servicing & disinfecting for your entire society!

P.S. Since the majority of your society residents use two-wheelers to travel everyday. You can now book professional two-wheeler door-step servicing and disinfecting for your entire housing society with Garageworks! The novel SARS-CoV-2 spreads primarily through the respiratory droplets, so please wear a mask and cover your mouth properly when you cough or sneeze. Always keep a box of tissues in your car and also keep a trash bag to dispose off the waste safely. It is also a great idea to also keep a sanitiser with you at all times when you are travelling.

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