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Easily Handle Your Society Related Complaints

Updated: Nov 25, 2019


Imagine this,

Suppose you live on the 10th Floor of the building in your society.

It’s a beautiful Monday morning, your alarm wakes you up on time, but you still need some more sleep, so you decide to snooze the alarm and get that heavenly 5-minute nap so that you can feel fresh at work.

But then as you wake up from that precious nap, you realize that an hour has gone by and you are still in bed!

So you hurriedly get out of bed and get ready. But as soon as you leave your home and go to your lift, you realize that the elevator isn’t working.

Great, now you have to take the stairs!

"Well, too bad, what can I do about it?" You may ask.

Well, sorry we can’t help you wake up on time, that’s up to you.

But our visitor management system in pune can help you solve all of your society-related problems.

Such as the one with your lift!

With VZTrack’s Complaint Register Feature, you now gain access to a Society Complaint Register right on your Mobile Device.

Your Residents can Create & View all kinds of society-related complaints like; Noise Complaints, Elevator Problems, Parking Related Issues, and even matters regarding the Security Guards themselves, for eg - Whether or not the guard is present at his posts during the day, etc.

The Society Admins can monitor the complaints and mark them as Open, Work In Progress, or Done, and the Residents are then promptly notified.

You could also enter any comments regarding the complaint if needed, as well as an estimated date for closing the complaint.

And by the way, this is just one of the myriad features that you get with the VZTrack App.

You can Also place Audio & Video calls and Text messages to anyone in your society if needed, also without any contact information through the Rainbow Feature.

And also send Invoices to them with our Accounting Feature, which also includes a secured payment gateway for quick payments as well.

Experience the plethora of features offered by our visitor management system and make your housing society a Vibrant Community today!

VZTrack is cherished by more than 450+ Housing Societies And 50,000 Families across Pune & Mumbai!

To know more.. please visit our website or click on the button below:

Or call on +91 907 501 6367

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