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Next-Gen Wireless Intercom for Housing Societies - VZTrack Communicator

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

Being a society administrator, it is crucial that you maintain effective communication among your society staff and residents. Old, outdated & bulky intercom systems get in the way of you achieving this.

If you want to communicate with your residents & staff using an intercom system, then it would cost a lot to do the wiring at every individual flats & office. Not to mention the recurring maintenance costs that accumulate to a fortune over time!

Therefore, In an attempt to help make your community vibrant, we present to you our next-gen wireless communicator device, called the VZTrack Communicator.

Which gives you a seamless communication experience without the need for any phone numbers, email ids, or any such contact information of your residents!

Please call us on +91 907 501 6367 or +91 966 561 0736 to get a quote from us. Or click here and fill out the form on our homepage.

All the data collected is stored on a secure encrypted local server in your society, and not on our cloud servers. We ensure to keep your privacy at the forefront.

The security guards at the gate do not have access to any residents’ contact information; they can simply dial the residents’ Flat Number and get in touch with them easily.

The exciting part about this powerful device is that it comes at just 1/3rd of the cost of an old intercom system. This is made possible as there is absolutely no wiring cost and neither any maintenance costs associated with the system. Nor is there any cabling or special device required at the resident's flat.

Your residents can contact the gate through the VZTrack #meetSafe App or using their regular mobile phones/landlines (if no smartphone). Which makes it very easy to use - especially for senior citizens.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a wireless intercom for housing societies?

A wireless intercom system facilitates two-way communication in a housing society among flat members and security guards at the gate. It is a crucial requirement of a modern-day society to ensure the safety and comfort of the residents. VZTrack Communicator is a wireless audio intercom system designed to facilitate communication, privacy & security in your society.

The prime focus is to take care of your privacy. The system enables contact without providing any personal information of the residents such as phone numbers of the residents, their email ids, etc. All communication is done via the flat numbers of the residents. The data of your society residents are not stored in our cloud server but in an encrypted local server within your society.

The installment of VZTrack Communicator does not demand any heavy cables to be layered around the society and is offered at 1/3rd the price of a traditional wired intercom. There are two components of a traditional intercom system. A ‘base station’ which is usually set up at the entry gate of the building and devices installed in the flats.

VZTrack Communicator does not demand any additional ‘devices’ to be installed at residents’ flats. Instead, residents can easily communicate with security guards and neighbors with their mobile phones without knowing anyone’s phone number and without any internet connection! All you need is the flat number or office number to communicate effortlessly.

How does the wireless intercom system work in buildings?

The purpose of a wireless intercom system is to advance communication between residents living inside and outside the housing society. We install the VZTrack communicator at the entrance of your building, preferably at your security guard’s office. You can refer to it as the base station. This is where the entire system is managed and controlled. It is the duty of the security guards to notify the residents in the building about the visitor with the help of the either VZTrack Communicator or the VZTrack #meetSafe Mobile App.

Usually, the security guards send visitor notifications via the VZTrack #meetSafe application about the visitor and you can grant permission to them to enter the building accordingly. The other option stands that with the help of VZTrack Communicator, residents can be informed on their regular mobile phones without the use of the internet and without knowing their phone numbers.

Thereby, the calls from the society gate to your mobile phones are enabled with the help of the VZTrack Communicator.

How does VZTrack communicator integrate with VZTrack Application?

VZTrack’s wireless intercom system for housing societies can be integrated with VZTrack the VZTrack App. The purpose is to create a virtual safe environment for every resident of your housing society with or without the use of the internet. You can also use VZTrack Communicator without the VZTrack #meetSafe mobile application.

The purpose of the VZTrack App is to inform you about a visitor on your smartphone. Whereas, the objective of setting up the VZTrack Communicator is to create contact even without the internet. You will be informed on your regular mobile phones. The security guard will contact you by just dialing your flat number.

VZTrack takes care of your private information by securing it in your local server. Even the security guards will not have access to your personal information by contacting you. This exclusive integration will save you in case of emergencies. You also have the liberty to provide multiple phone numbers in your preferential order. In case you cannot be reached on one number, the call will be automatically directed to another number.

Please call us on +91 907 501 6367 or +91 966 561 0736 to get a quote from us. Or click here and fill out the form on our homepage.

How can a wireless intercom system benefit your housing society?

There are several ways how the VZTrack Communicator can benefit your housing society.

  • Affordable & Super Cost-Effective - VZTrack Communicator costs just 1/3rd the price of an intercom system. It has all the necessary features a wireless intercom system should have to facilitate communication. There are no wiring or maintenance costs associated with the system.

  • No Wiring or Additional Device Required - VZTrack Communicator is a next-gen solution to your problems. It does not demand any heavy copper wires to be layered around the society. Moreover, there is no need to install any device at the resident’s flat. Instead, you can access it from any mobile phone.

  • Your Privacy, Our Responsibility - VZTrack does not store your information in its own cloud server but in an encrypted local server of your society. We facilitate communication around and outside your society without using your personal information for contact.

  • Elevator / Lifts Compatible - The wireless intercom system is even compatible when you’re in a lift or in an elevator.

  • No Smartphone / Internet Connection Required - You do not require an internet connection to connect with the security guard at the entrance of the building. Regular mobile phones will also function well in case of no smartphone.

  • Seamless 2-Way Communication - We provide you a seamless experience by enabling two-way communication among offices, residents and security guards. You do not need to worry about the security system of your housing society!

  • Easy To Use - Security guards at the entrance of your building can contact you by dialing your flat numbers and connect with you on your preferred device. It can either be a phone or a landline. You can also be informed via the VZTrack application virtually.

  • Advanced Privacy & Security - VZTrack communicator facilitates advanced security in your housing society. It connects residents with the visitors via a system. They can only grant access to them after monitoring their identity. It gives you the liberty to track the visitor at the entrance gate itself.

Traditional Wired Intercom System VS Wireless intercom for Housing Societies

Traditional Wired Intercom System

❌ Requires heavy wiring, cabling, and installation of devices in every flat .

High expenses due to heavy installation & cabling costs.

❌ Recurring high maintenance charges as well.

They are not usually compatible with elevators and lifts.

It is a physical setup and requires residents to be physically present inside the flat to contact.

It is inconvenient at times when children & elderly parents are alone. It is not possible for them to physically access the setup every time.

It delivers no safety and privacy to the residents of the society.

Wireless Intercom for Housing Societies - VZTrack Communicator

No heavy wiring and installation around the building.

VZTrack communicator is very cost-friendly. At just 1/3rd the price of wired intercoms.

It does not demand any maintenance charge.

The system is highly compatible with elevators and lifts.

VZTrack Communicator is virtual in nature, aside from the Communicator device it requires no physical device at the resident’s flat to answer the security guard.

The resident can approve visitor or contact security using their Regular Mobile Phones without an internet connection or sharing their phone number.

The system provides a comforting and secured environment and can be accessed virtually from anywhere.

It delivers enhanced safety and privacy to you by its multi-user interface, virtual monitoring management system, and VZTrack #meetSafe application.

Please call us on +91 907 501 6367 or +91 966 561 0736 to get a quote from us. Or click here and fill out the form on our homepage.

How can you improve the security system of your building with a wireless intercom?

VZTrack wireless intercom system is designed to provide security and comfort to the residents of the housing society. As the board of directors or committee members, we understand that your concern about your society is genuine and fair.

You can increase the level of the security of your society by getting yourself a wireless intercom system. The system will make sure that the residents of the society are aware in advance of the visitors entering their flats.

The motive is to create a well-informed society. Effective communication is the solution to your safety problems. We create a well-structured virtual environment that ensures comfort to you.

Even if your child or your elderly parents are alone at home, this system will prevent the entry of unwanted visitors. They need not necessarily have to keep a smartphone with them. Instead, with the help of VZTrack Communicator, your elder parents will be notified on their regular phones.

It can also make your lazy weekends even better by granting access virtually by the use of VZTrack application.

We are well aware of the challenges of a housing society. We are just a call away to provide you with a wireless intercom for housing society.

Things to keep in mind before purchasing a wireless intercom system for your housing society

These are several points that you should keep into consideration while opting for an intercom system.

Get your housing society a wireless intercom system instead of a wired system. This will help you to avoid unnecessary expenditure on its installation and maintenance.

Go for a wireless device-based intercom system instead of a wired or mobile-app-based one. All of them have their own purpose to serve while ensuring the safety of your society. It will provide safety and convenience to both you and your parents in case of an emergency.

Ensure the privacy of your residents by ensuring that the data you provide to them is in a secure place. And last but not the least, avoid bulky intercom systems.

We hope this information has become a source of guidance to you and you find your ideal wireless intercom system. We extend our support to you in discovering next-gen wireless solutions for your housing society.

Please call us on +91 907 501 6367 or +91 966 561 0736 to get a quote from us. Or click here and fill out the form on our homepage.

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