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How to keep your society safe amidst this pandemic? - Everything you need to know

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

During these trying times, one question that may bother housing society administrators and residents incessantly is that “How do we keep our society safe amidst this pandemic?”

One solution to that would be to not let any society workers and visitors to enter into the premises, although that may sound like a solution for the short-term, but just like the lockdown - it is not at all a good long-term solution. We need to learn to live with this situation and adapt to it as soon as possible, because there is no other way.

So how do we adapt to this situation?

Simple, here is how your housing society can adapt using the following solutions.

  1. Screening every single visitor that enters into your housing society.

  2. Making sure that everyone is wearing a mask when in the society premises and at the time of entry.

  3. Ensuring that there is no crowding within the society or at the gate.

  4. Sanitising the common areas, vehicles and touch-points daily, if not multiple times a day.

With VZTrack your society can now have the most effective screening from both the security guard as well as the resident.

Your residents can now know their visitor’s body temperature and whether they are wearing a mask or not!

The security guards can mention the body temperature of the visitor and also whether they are wearing a mask along with their other details taken at the time of entry, and the residents can then receive a notification to either approve or deny the visitor.

But the problem is..

The screening at the gate needs to be done very quickly to ensure that there is no crowding at the gate, and at the same time your security guards needs to keep an eye on the people within the society as well to make sure that they are not crowding and are wearing their masks all the time.

It is impossible to do all of these things at once, unless you have a lot of security guard man-power. But this is not the case with most housing societies since man-power adds up to the costs of the society very rapidly.

Introducing the most cutting edge solution for your housing society!

To address this dire need, we have come up with an AI-Powered Automated CCTV Surveillance and Security System for you. It is the most cutting-edge technology for housing societies. Yes, VZTrack is now not only a housing society management app, but a society security app as well.

Your existing CCTV cameras can now be integrated with VZTrack’s Artificial Intelligence powered software to automatically detect the following and notify the guards or admins:

  1. Body Temperature (Thermal camera needed)

  2. Face Mask

  3. Crowding in the society

  4. Vehicles Speeding within the society.

  5. Suspicious people jumping over the society perimeter / walls.

  6. Unlawful / Suspicious assembly of people.

  7. Sleeping Security Guards.

That's right, let your CCTV camera and AI do the work for you. All your guards need to do now is to respond to the notifications and alerts that the app sends them. This eliminates the human error potential and makes your society's security 10 times more efficient and effective.

Not to mention the enormous amounts of savings that your society is able to make by cutting down on the cost for man-power.

The future is now. We are constantly on the move to make your society a vibrant community and to empower your residents to #meetSafe.

Please click on the following link to learn more about the Gate Screening Feature and about the AI-Powered Automated CCTV Surveillance and Security System.

Until next time, Stay Safe and #meetSafe with VZTrack :)

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