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VZTrack Security Device - Manual

Video Gate Phone (VGP) Device

VGP Device (51).jpg

The Guards are provided with a 4G Android Device which has unlimited lifetime data to make entries and stay connected to the residents as well as the society admins. The android device does not have any other features except for the Security Guard App.

The device includes support for local languages for the Guard to be familiar and comfortable to operate it, along with Voice Capabilities. The guard can just speak the details of the visitors into the device. Yes, that is how simple it is.

How to make an entry?

How to make an entry?
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To make an entry, the guard simply has to enter the mobile number of the visitor in the respective field, and then tap on the "Add Visitor" button as shown in the image above. The mobile number is then verified through an OTP and the visitor is recognised in every society using VZTrack. (34).jpg (35).jpg

The guard is then prompted to take a picture of the visitor through the device and mention their first name & last name (which can also be done through voice by tapping on the mic icon). The mobile number is now encrypted, revealing only the last three digits so as to not allow the guard to view the contact details of any visitor.

There is also an optional field to take a photo of the visitor's ID card in case of suspicion or simply for security purposes.

The guard can then fill in further details such as the Flat No. / Owner Name, Vehicle Number, Total No. of Visitors, Their Address & The Purpose of Visit.

The guard can select the purpose of the visit from the mentioned predetermined purposes in various local languages, making it more simple for the guard to use the app.

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The Resident then receives a call-based notification from the guard saying that they have a new visitor. To know more details such as the photo, purpose of visit, etc. the residents can tap on the "View Details" button or simply close the notification. (39).jpg

At the time of the exit, all the Guard needs to do is simply swipe left on the Visitor's name as shown above and confirm the exit by tapping on the "Ok" button.

A "Thank You" screen is then displayed, confirming the exit successfully.

Guard Patrol

Guard Patrol
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While the guard is patrolling, he can simply scan the QR code with the Free 4G Device that we provide. The data such as the time, location, date, and name of the guard who scanned the code is saved and stored in the VZTrack Admin Panel for you to View and Print.

Vehicle Search (46).jpg
Vehicle Search

In case of any parking-related emergencies, the guard can simply enter the vehicle number to search for who the owner of the vehicle is and take necessary action. The Guard can also make audio/video calls to the owner through the device for ease of communication.

Emergency SOS

Emergency SOS (44).jpg

If in case of an Emergency, when the Residents click on the "Emergency SOS" button an alarm notification is displayed on the Security Guards device along with their details such as the owner's name and flat no.

The Admins can access as well as print all the reports & details of the visitors from the web-based admin panel.

VZTrack has trained approximately 1000+ security guards in Pune.

For any further queries or assistance, please feel free to contact our support team at

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